February 16, 2012

DJ'ing and the Art of Pastoral Care ...

I knew that somewhere, sometime, someone would write this article, and now that it has happened, I must say that they have done a superb job!

Oh, and to celebrate I did a little edit job on John Piper, imagining him as spinning "the Word" rather than preaching it!  Enjoy!

From the article:
"The role of the youth pastor or any other pastor is a strange one. Unlike many other professions, the pastor’s inner-life is constantly on display. It is through study of the Bible and prayer that the pastor cultivates this inner life. Just like the DJ is tasked with knowing music, the pastor is charged with knowing the text of the Bible and communicating with God. 
"In his book The Wounded Healer: Ministry in Contemporary Society, Henri Nouwen writes, “Only he who is able to articulate his own experience can offer himself to others as a source of clarification.” Neither youth pastors nor DJs have anything to share with others if they don’t study, reflect, and experience their sources firsthand. It is from this place of study and listening that they are challenged with the job of communicating what they hear to others, a task that we will explore in the next article in this series."

Read the full article HERE

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