February 11, 2012

7 Billion Stories to Tell ... Now We Can Listen.

It's so easy to forget about the size of our planet.  So many people.  As of today, we have surpassed 7 billion individuals on this blue marble in space.


Each unique and each with a story.

Some of those lives will be cut short and others will seem to go on and on and on (as of today, Besse Cooper holds the title of oldest living person alive at this moment at 115 years!)

And my mind is about to pop as I consider the fact (and I hold that it is a fact) that my god, the LORD, knows each one and is interested in each one, and has become involved in history for the sake of each one.


Netflix released the documentary, "Life in a Day" today and I'll be watching it tonight with a heart for it to stir me to prayer and to remind me to get me eyes and interest off myself and onto the bigger world around me.  To listen to the stories of as many as I can and to share, if they wish to hear, my own story and, in that, His story.

Here is the movie's premise:

After thousands of people around the world joined together to record banal and remarkable everyday events on July 24, 2010, director Kevin MacDonald led a team of editors to condense more than 4,500 hours of video into this picture of life on Earth.

Watch the trailer below or the entire movie at YouTube here.

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