January 16, 2012

Youth Culture Missionary

A couple of years ago I wrote an endorsement for a friends book that was about to be published.

He asked me what 'title' I wanted to go after my name.  You know how this works: you want to have acquaintances who are 'impressive people' endorse your book.  There was one obvious title he suggested, but I knew I wanted something else to be listed also.  I just wasn't sure what that was.

I thought about it for a while.  What describes what I do, but also what I want to be?

I chose the title, "Youth Culture Missionary".

I look back and still think it was the right choice.  It is what I do ... at least in part ... every week.  I have the privilege of rubbing shoulders and running in the midst of many, many teenagers who are both actively engaged in the growth of their Christian faith, and those who aren't.  Some who aren't are still exploring spirituality and specifically Christianity, but many are not and really don't care to at this point.  But that is ok, because I know that God is still interested and, therefore, so am I.

I may not be an 'impressive person' to many, but it's what I do and what I want to be.


Kirk Bartha said...

I asked you to endorse the manifesto because you are my friend who loves them.

Dan King said...

Absolutely! I thought that was implied in the post, because I'm not very impressive, so it must have been friendship!! LOL!! Be blessed my friend!

Anonymous said...

Amazing and inspiring. I love this video..thanks for posting it. And yes, may the church be as it was meant to be once again..