February 17, 2011

Rest is Everything

Rest makes you more alert.
Rest keeps you positive.
Rest helps you say the right things at the right times.
Rest gives you patience.
Rest helps you keep your mouth shut when it should.
Rest gives you more grace.
Rest opens your eyes.
Rest takes stress and makes you stronger.
Rest makes you smarter.
Rest gives you better ideas.
Rest brings focus.
Rest brightens the colors.
Rest helps you see the extra mile, and then go there.

So, why are we so “driven” that we aren’t getting enough rest?

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Anonymous said...

You are so right Dan. It's strange because I was just thinking the same thing and stumbled upon your blog per chance(I was looking for another Dan King). Too often when people feel something just isn't right they tend to turn to pills (or other drugs) because they don't understand why they feel the way they do. I suggest to anyone that they need to look at their intake and their rest patterns first. cheers!