April 04, 2010

The Worship in Design ...

Got some shots of the staging that my wife, Charlene, and the design team she is a part of put together for the church gathering this weekend.   They did a great job!  The stone in the tomb set (below) was as it appears during the Good Friday service and then rolled to the side with some incredible yellow and white lighting radiating from the inside on Easter Sunday  ...  Shawn and I also did some re-working of all the spotlighting for the stage.  We've got much better control of the stage as a result ... just some blinders and gels to add for the future and we are off!! 
Creativity as worship is a big deal for me ... others sing or play instruments or preach (and I do some of that too), but design and excellence in art is a significant worship language for me.

We also used a smashing little video clip to open the gathering ... again, it's a wonderfully creative and well designed piece with colors that meshed with the rest of the media elements used and a crisp look at celebrates excellence!

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