March 25, 2010

"I've Never Heard a Parent Talk Like That Before ..."

I try and get over the the high school and help serve hot lunch to the students on as many Thursday afternoon's as I can each month.  It gives me a chance to serve the students that I pray for and it's also a chance to say hello to teens I haven't seen in a while.  Plus, there are some really hard working parents and teachers who make the lunch program possible and if I can cheer them on and support them in their efforts, I am jazzed to!

Today, one girl who came early to grab a bite to eat and was visiting with some of the adults who she knew.  Someone introduced me to the girl and mentioned it had been my birthday this week.  She asked what I did to celebrate and I said that I had spent the day with my wife and kids.  Her response was apologetic and almost a matter-of-fact when she said, "Oh, you have kids, that sucks.  I am sorry for you."

Wow.  What do you say in response to that?  I just told the truth:

"Actually", I replied, "I have two absolutely amazing kids.  My boy is 12 and my daughter 10 and they are incredible.  It is a joy to be their dad!"

She stopped eating.  She looked me right in the eye and said, "I have never in my life ever heard a parent talk like that about their kids.  You mean you like them?"

At first I thought maybe she was joking, but realized she wasn't.

I wrote about the power of our words earlier this week.  Today I was affirmed that our words matter.  I could have joked and made a goofy statement about my kids after her initial comments, but chose not to.  If I had joked, this girl may not have come face-to-face with the fact that it is possible for a parent - a father - to love and appreciate his children.

Our words do matter and I hope I get a chance to visit with this girl again and hear her story.  Maybe she'll ask me to share more of mine. 

"He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children,
   and the hearts of the children to their fathers ..." 


djlochhead said...

liking it..we always seem to be talking in the negative when there is much to life that we are and can be thankful for.

djlochhead said...
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Smooe said...

It's sad to think that girl isnt the only one out there....and the truth of words is oh so true
thanks for sharing dan...