May 30, 2008

"on the land" at the skatepark

Spent an hour or so hanging out at the local skate park here in Parksville last Friday afternoon (see photo).

No one was really around, but I did have one guy stop to ask if I had any weed to sell ... I didn't. I spent time journaling some prayers for the kids that call the skate park their home away from home. Also walked around the parameter asking God to raise up someone to invest time into these kids. I know I'm not the guy to do it (hey, I'll be available, but anything more than basic skateboard activity would end me up in the hospital) but someone is ...

What is the significance of "praying on the land"? By this I mean physically being on the piece of real estate that you are praying about.

Last fall I was researching the beginnings of what is now the City of Kelowna. I had this huge desire to pray for the churches of that city, the political leadership (the mayor, etc.) of the city, and the future of the city. Everything within me wanted to jump on a plane and fly there and walk the city streets and go to the site (which is still standing) of the very first home built there, beside the very first church building (the third building was a 'mess hall' of sorts I believe).

I didn't ...

I prayed from a distance. I didn't feel like I was disobeying God by not going, but I didn't feel like I was obeying Him by staying home either.

Is there something about "being present on the land"? Abraham walked on the land that was promised to him life-times before his people received it. How significant was that? Charlene and I took two days to "walk the land" here on Vancouver Island back in 2001 because we both felt strongly that God was calling us to live here and invest in the lives of the people here. It took 7 years to actually walk into that, but we walked it out in prayer first.

How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace,
who bring good tidings,
who proclaim salvation,
who say to Zion,
"Your God reigns!"
[Isaiah 52:7]


Anonymous said...

Just a guess, but I suspect that praying "on the land" is not so much for God's sake (he can hear us no matter where we are regardless of where we are praying about), but it is more for OUR sakes...I think that most people like to "visualize" what they are praying maybe actually SEEING what we are praying about allows us to pray with more focus.

I dunno...just a thought

Anonymous said...

Your "praying on the land" re the Island is fasinating... I happen to know that even years before you and Char walked and prayed on the island, you lived there and that is the place you first gave your life to the Lord! What a great God we have! Tell this story to your kids... the 2 of you together, tell this story to Jordan and Sierra. It is important that they know that ending up in Parksville is the fulfilment of prayers from before and the beginnings of prayers for the future...including their future.
Love you, Mom:)