March 26, 2008

on the road to BC ...

So the boxes have been packed and the moving van loaded! Today we hit the road for our trek to our new home -- Parksville, BC!

Our trip will take us through Edmonton and we'll stay in Vailmont, BC (about a 10 hour leg today). Then we'll motor to Abbotsford (9 hour trek) and crash there Thursday night. That means that Friday afternoon some time we will roll in to Parksville. The kids are looking forward to the ferry ride we'll be taking to the island.

If you are the praying type, we'd ask that you remember us over these next travel days ... safety, clear driving, and all that stuff. Thanks!

No idea when I'll post again .... but it will be from BC I'd imagine!!

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Avery Jenner said...


I found your site by following a link from

Just wanted to say enjoy Parksville. I was born on the Island and want to move back someday. Only been to Parksville once (to visit the Paradise amusement park), but it was a good time. I hope you love it!