March 30, 2008

the final day of travel ... we've arrived!

Well, Friday was the last day of road-tripping (we are a bit late getting the photos up) and we got to the place we wanted to be: Parksville, BC!!

Although it was a short travel day, it was packed with loads of adventure, including a ferry ride, a freak snow storm(!?!) and the arrival at the farm where we will be staying for the first 10 days of our time here.

I just want to take this opportunity to speak to anyone from the island who may be reading this and apologize to them ... it may well have been our fault that you had snow! We did not mean to bring it with us from Saskatoon, but it may have been a stow-away in our van - whoops!

Here are some photos:

Driving onto the ferry at Tsawwassen ...

Sierra and Charlene went for a walk-about on the deck ...

Tsawwassen in distance as we leave the mainland
(there is no turning back now - *grin*)

Well, we've arrive in Nanaimo and there is snow ... OK then!?!

Jordan meeting new friends at the farm we are staying at ...

Sierra has named this one, "Jumper"!


Sheena said...

So you're the one that brought all the snow? You don't do things half-way, do you? We got it all the way down here in Portland.

Congratulations on arriving and the start of this new season!

darrell & jess said...

miss you guys already... say hi to Jordan & Sierra... and I'm sorry but, is it mean to be kind of glad that you got snow?? glad you got there safely though!